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  1. Be calm and composed, be sure to know where the interview is due to take place in advance, who the interviewer is, and how long will it take.
  2. Make sure you know the address, how and when to get there, how long will the evaluation take, who is your contact there and so on.
  3. Please come the interview with appropriate attire. We suggest you come to the interview fresh and well-rested. Sleep well the night before and eat a light meal before the interview.
  4. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the interview. This way you could get an impression of the atmosphere, the people, and our team.
  5. Do not be shy, and take a moment before you answer the interviewer’s questions. This will allow you to better formulate your reply.
  6. Prepare concrete examples from your day-to-day life that reflects who you are as an employee in advance.
  7. Make sure your mobile phone is off!
  8. If for any reason you are unable to attend or are late, it is important to inform us in advance and explain the reason for your absence/delay.
  9. It is important to think of answers to questions that may be asked during the interview in advance, such as questions regarding your virtues and vices, your sources of motivation, and so on.

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