Femi premium

Our guiding values at Femi Premium are: humanism, creativity, simplicity and excellence.

Every action taken at the company is measured in view of these values and their implementation in practice, both when providing assistance to customers and in meeting the needs of employees. At Femi premium, we support a diverse and dynamic workplace and believe in productive variety – Our employees span all age groups, include secular as well as Orthodox Jews, Arab-Israelis, and athletes together with people with disabilities. Femi premium promotes a culture of learning, professionalism, personal development, improvement, patience and mutual attentiveness. All of the above are supported by constant measurement, control and improvement processes. We consistently endeavor to allow for flexible reasoning, openness and creating opportunities for the participation of each and every person involved, out of respect and appreciation for his or her right to self-fulfillment, equal opportunities and progress. We are proud of the fact that many of the company’s employees have been working at the company for a long period of time, in which they have grown and taken on additional responsibilities. We ascribe a great deal of significance to the management and empowerment processes of employees and managers.

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