Femi premium

  Name: Ethel Molcho.
Position: CEO.
Education: BA in Business Administration, the Center for Academic Studies.
Began work: 2004.

Name: Yariv ben ari.
Position: CFO.
Began work: 2020.

name: Guy Peled.
Position: VP for Public Sector Business Development.
Education: B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Ariel University
Executive MBA in Business Administration, Bar Ilan University.
Began work: 2016.

  name: Eran Fuchs.
Position: VP for Operations.
Education: BA‎ ‎in Communications and Management, MBA in Business Administration.
Began work: 2001.

  name: Tzachi Ben Sasson.
Position: VP for Information Systems.
Began work: 2002.

  name: Yaffit Shahar.
Position: VP for Human Resources.
Education: EMBA, Business Management.
Began work: 2018.

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