Femi premium

Femi Premium is a management and service company that specialized in managing service-intensive projects and complex processes at the national and governmental level and for leading corporations in the Israeli insurance industry and in the Israeli economy as a whole. During its first years in operation, Femi Group focused on providing private health services while maintaining the superb quality and excellence required in its capacity as a provider of medical services. In order to develop its various segments of operations, while constantly nurturing its knowledge and specialized expertise, the company has been operating in two separate organizational frameworks over the past decade:


Femi Health – This segment oversees all medical services, as well as the development and integration of advanced technologies to improve medical accessibility and availability to all customers. Femi Health provides advanced medical services and telemedicine technologies at the national level, to health maintenance organizations and premium customers.

Femi Health, which has been in operation since 1991, is one of Israel’s most advanced and largest medical service providers.
The Company provides healthcare services and manages and operates medical projects all over Israel. Femi Premium provides its professional services to Israeli insurance companies and to various entities in the public sector, as well as to health maintenance organizations. These services are managed by senior medical administrators, physicians, nurses and 4,000 professional service providers.

Femi Health – Leading Israeli medical service provider and developer of advanced technologies used all over the world.


 Femi PremiumThis segment specializes in the management, operation, support and control of complex governmental, public, institutional and business projects, and is committed to constantly streamlining and improving each project.


Femi Premium is characterized by a high level of professionalism, resourcefulness, and constant learning, and these characteristics underlie the company’s significant growth rates over the past few years. The company’s capabilities – The company consistently provides excellent services, nurtures its employees and complies with mandatory standards and measurements, and this allows the company to present a proven track record of success in managing complex national and business tasks, projects, organizational and training development schemes, and procurement and control management programs.

Within the above frameworks, we provide a variety of services to millions of end customers all over Israel.

The thousands of skilled and professional employees and vendors in our employ are available throughout the country and or supported by advanced service systems that allow us to provide our customers with high-quality and rapid services at all times.
All service and control processes at the company are supported by designated information systems.


Femi Premium observed three quality standards:
ISO 9001 – services
ISO 27001 – data security
ISO 27799 – data security (healthcare services)


It is within the nature of all intensive enterprises to occasionally encounter issues, whether at the company or any of our vendors. We train the company’s employees to take responsibility, demonstrate resourcefulness, and to bring about the rapid solution of any problem or challenge they face.

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